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What is Mediation?

Prepared by Elnaz Tahanha

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You may have heard of mediation, or you may be in the process of engaging in mediation for your legal dispute. Mediation is a process used in various legal matters to assist the parties in resolving a dispute and reaching a settlement.

The process involves the parties selecting an impartial and neutral third party, a mediator, who is trained in dispute resolution. The parties and their lawyers will then meet with the mediator, discuss the issues, and attempt to reach a resolution.

It is important to note that mediators will not make a ruling or a decision on any issue. Rather, they will simply assist the parties in reaching a decision, if possible. The dispute will only be resolved if the parties agree on the outcome.

Mediation is a helpful way to control the outcome of your legal dispute. It is a process in which you are fully involved and fully in control of the outcome. The mediator’s assistance will enable both sides to better understand one another’s positions and work together to reach a resolution that is acceptable to both sides. If successful, it can be a cost-effective way to resolve issues. Further benefits of mediation include that it is informal, private and confidential. This makes it less stressful than court proceedings.

Mediation is often used in the following types of disputes:

- Family law

- Personal injury

- Wrongful dismissal

- Estate disputes

It is recommended that you speak to a lawyer to assist you in hiring an experienced and qualified mediator.

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